Empty words forgotten forever

Are your tutors boring? Are they going on and on about unimportant and uninteresting things? You don’t want to write all that rambling down, but when a pearl of wisdom comes along… you want to capture it.

RetroActive makes the missable forgettable! Only with RetroActive can you choose which moments you want to record. Take the boredom out of your notes.

RetroActive will automatically merge consecutive recordings, so you can record those tirades which go on and on and on... if you so choose. Let's face it. Some are pure gold. Even more so if shared with friends.

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Available now from the Apple's App Store for ONLY $3.00!

This Universal application works on iPhone 3G, 4, and 4s, iPad 1 and 2, and is fully optimised for the new iPad Retina display.

But hurry - time flies! Capture it with RetroActive.

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