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What is RetroActive?

RetroActive is a sound recording app with a twist: it records events that have already happened!

How many times have you heard something brilliant, hilarious, or just plain useful, and wished you had recorded it? On the other hand, when you do record stuff, it very rarely works. Brilliant, hilarious or useful things happen occasionally and unexpectedly. Not to mention spontaneously.

What you need is the RetroActive Time Capturing Device™. It records - retroactively.

It records sound like you take notes. It listens. It memorises. But it only notes things down when you press the magic green button. Otherwise it forgets. Just like you do.... With standard sound recording devices, you record complete lectures, meetings, interviews, dinner parties, the chatter of people passing by… and if you persevere long enough, it is almost guaranteed that you will capture everything you want to.

The problem with this approach is that once you have your recordings, you have to relisten to every lecture, meeting, interview or dinner party again to filter out the interesting bits. This is why the good old pen and paper was, until now, the best way of taking notes in lectures, meetings or interviews (taking notes during dinner parties or in the street is usually frowned upon).

RetroActive Time Capturing Device™ - It only records the interesting bits!

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Available now from the Apple's App Store for ONLY $3.00!

This Universal application works on iPhone 3G, 4, and 4s, iPad 1 and 2, and is fully optimised for the new iPad Retina display.

But hurry - time flies! Capture it with RetroActive.

How does it work?

Simple: Start the app. App listens continously and stores everything it hears into a sound vial. Sounds remain in a vial for upto a minute before they evaporate. When you hear something interesting, push the time vial to seal its contents and store it.

That’s it!

Your vials are automatically stored in the library, dated, and placed on a map.

Later, you can post your recorded moments online via SoundCloud and share on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.

To learn how to operate your RetroActive app, please take a moment to view our informative moving pictures demonstration.

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